Elegant Capes by Dallas  
THE Fashion Statement for the New Millennium
Fine, Handmade Capewear...from Formal to Costume
Signature Apparel Pieces...Expertly Crafted to Suit the Particular Needs of Your Cosplay, Horror Fashion, Fantasy Character, Formal, Casual, Bridal or Theatrical/Costumed Atmospheres and Events

If it is a bold statement you seek to make with your wardrobe, then consider a fine, hand-made cape from Elegant Capes by Dallas.

Capes are one of the rare pieces of outerwear that, all at once, convey mystery, power, drama, romance, and seduction…all while remaining highly utilitarian.

While the full coverage offered by the cape makes it a terrific companion in cooler climes, the flowing, “breezy” natural structure of the cape means that it is also appropriate when conditions are more temperate.  Of course, the choice of material, an important part of the design process that occurs between Dallas and every valued customer, can go a long way to favoring its suitability for a particular climate or season.

Noted New York-based fashion and lifestyle writer Molly Fulghum Heintz describes the natural appeal of the cape perfectly when she says that, “it conceals and reveals; there’s elegance and seduction all at once.”  Indeed.

Elegant Capes by Dallas looks forward to helping you meet your personal fashion or costuming needs with its meticulous attention to detail and sincere love of the art of cape design and creation.
Beautiful, Handmade Capes...Created for Any and All Occasions!
...Dressy Casual...
...and Costume!
Select from Our Current Inventory, or Let Dallas Create a Piece Just For You!
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